Next Burial Authority Meeting:

6:30pm Thursday 11th February

Business to be transacted

1/21 Present and Apologies

2/21 Declarations of Interest

3/21 To appoint a Chairman of the Burial Authority

4/21 To approve and sign the minutes for Burial Authority Meeting 8th October 2020

5/21 Updates

6/21 Finance

a) To receive and approve the financial summary and bank reconciliation to date

b) To approve payments to be made

7/21 To consider whether the land currently available to the Burial Authority is sufficient and what steps, if any, to take if it is not so

7/21 Maintenance

a) To discuss request to place a memorial bench

b) To discuss action regarding mole hills

c) Matters to report to the clerk

8/21 Meeting Close

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 811 1867 4212 Passcode: 012029

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