Burial Authority:

Charges for Hambleton Parish Cemetery until 31st March 2020

Purchase of Grave

  • Exclusive rights of burial – £220.00 (£400.00)
  • Maintenance in perpetuity – £110.00 (£300.00)


  • Burial – £220.00 (£400.00)
  • Internment of ashes in grave – £95.00 (£160.00)

Purchase of Ashes Plot

  • Exclusive rights – £140.00 (£235.00)
  • Maintenance in perpetuity – £95.00 (£180.00)


  • Ashes in ashes plot – £95.00 (£165.00)
  • Second and subsequent internment – £95.00 (£165.00)

Permits to Work in Cemetery

  • Headstone and first inscription – £120.00
  • Vase or plaque and first inscription – £80.00
  • Additional inscription (each) – £80.00
  • Replacement memorial – £85.00

Please Note The prices for non-Hambleton Residents (i.e. those who have reserved graves or those who have not lived in Hambleton for the last five years of their life) have been increased to reflect the contribution made by residents through their precept payments. These charges are shown in brackets.

Definition of a Hambleotn Resident:

  1. A person living in Hambleton at the time of death qualifies as a resisden, but to qualify for reduced charges must have contributed to the precept over the preceding 5 years. Exception being if the person has left the home to be cared for in a residential, nursing home or hospital.
  2. A person who has lived in Hambleton for any period of their life, but not currently. This person must pay the increased chrages.

Note: Family connection does not apply unless a family member is being burried in a previously purchased family grave. Charges will be at the increased rate.

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