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Hambleton Parish Council urge YOU to take some time to look at the proposals in the Pre-Submission Publication of Selby District Council’s New Local Plan and submit your comments.  This affects Hambleton.

Click here for some points you may wish to comment on

Click here for the draft of Hambleton PC observations

Click here for the Selby District Council page with a link to the Consultation ‘event’ and a link to the downloadable “Representation (comment) Form”

NOTE: The comments process involves completing a form with some dictated questions but you can put all your observations and reasoning in Part B… please consider submitting a form.

Updated 21/10/2022


The Pre Submission Publication for the New Local Plan is now out for Public Consultation – the consultation will run until 5pm, 28th October 2022.

Following numerous Public Consultations on all aspects of the Plan including allocation of residential, industrial and economic growth sites, Green Belt allocation and Planning Policy, the Pre Submission Publication is the final draft of the New Local Plan which Selby District Council intend to submit to the Secretary of State setting the framework for development in the area to 2040.

You can see the Pre Submission Publication and make comments here

You can see the Selby District Council FAQ sheet here

For help with understanding the the process and how to submit comments, click here.

Updated 6/10/2022


In January 2020, Selby District Council began consultation on a new Local Plan that would be used to shape the long-term future of Selby District up to 2040.

As well as all residents of Selby district, Parish and Town Councils across the district were invited to submit comments on the issues and options that would be covered in the Local Plan.

As well as a number of public meetings arranged by Selby District Council, Hambleton Parish Council were able to arrange for a meeting within the village that would allow residents to find out more information and clarify any details of the Local Plan. This would allow for more informed responses to be sent by the residents of Hambleton.

Hambleton Parish Council used feedback given during and after this meeting to inform their collective response to the Issues and Options Consultation. Details of their response can be found below.

To keep up to date with the latest developments and consultations, please visit the Selby District Council Website.

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