Hambleton Isolation Help Group

Hambleton Isolation Help Group (HIHG) is Hambleton’s community initiative to support vulnerable adults and families during the Coronavirus outbreak. This group was set up and is operated by a group of volunteers. Hambleton Parish Council are so pleased to have such community spirited residents within the village.

"Hambleton is lucky to have so many dedicated helpers."

As not every resident is online, the Parish Council would like to encourage all residents to pass on the contact details of this group on to anyone that they believe would benefit from Hambleton Isolation Help Group.

"Our role is to minimise loneliness - we will be there to support in any way we can!"

Hambleton Isolation Help Group are able to support the following groups:

  • Vulnerable adult groups (over 70 years).
  • Sheltered individuals (who have been notified by the government that they sit in this group).
  • Families/individuals who are isolating due to symptoms of COVID-19.

Their role is to respond to the needs of these vulnerable groups and ensure they feel safe, that they can access supplies and remained informed of the Government updates on the ongoing situation.

They may be able to help with the following requests:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Collecting prescriptions
  • Walking dogs
  • Phone Buddy System – a quick call or daily chat you choose!

"How can I access the system?"

Step 1

Contact one of the coordinators:

Emma 07947462121
Katie 07759520227
Celia 01757228649
Jess 07769266618

Or by email at hihg2020@btinternet.com

Step 2

Your request will be placed on the Hambleton Isolation Help Group Facebook page.

A volunteer will confirm their offer of help and your request will be shared privately.

The coordinator will contact you with the volunteer’s details.

Step 3

The volunteer will contact you to discuss your request.

For shopping, they will collect your list and money.

Volunteers cannot use your debit or credit card as this is illegal – cash only can be used.

Please be assured that HIHG will only share your information with the volunteer responding to your call and no one else.

If you are in any doubt over any volunteer who has contacted you from this group, please contact one of the coordinators who will verify that it is one of their volunteers.

Registered Volunteers

For all the volunteers, the following Government link gives advice on staying safe.

Please note, Hambleton Isolation Help Group is run entirely by volunteers and is in no way affiliated with Hambleton Parish Council.

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