Garth Drive Play Area & recreation Ground Open Air Gym To Re-open From 5th July

To make sure the Parish Council can re-open these facilities in line with government guidelines, our community need to be mindful that they have a responsibility to keep everyone safe. As well as yourself and your family, please consider the other families using these facilities and also those who volunteer or carry out mainrenance at the park.

It is not feasible for Hambleton Parish Council to provide the following:

  • Provision of stewards
  • A booking system with time slots
  • Daily cleaning of equipment
  • Provide cleaning products or equipment

A one-way system was considered for the play area, but given that one gate exits onto a narrow thoroughfare it was decided that as the paths are easily visible, the public would be best placed to see which entrance/exit would be the most suitable at the time.

Hambleton Parish Council will carry out the following in relation to the Play Area and Open Air Gym:

  • Conduct Risk Assessments including COVID-19 risks and mitigate risks where possible
  • Carry out safety checks on equipment prior to opening, arranging repairs where necessary
  • Arrange for more regular cleaning
  • Produce signage to inform people of the new restrictions that need to be followed to keep our community safe. Signs will be displayed in the park, on the website and on social media.

For Everyone’s Safety You Must Read And Follow This Guidance:

  • Do not enter the area if you have Coronavirus symptoms
  • Follow the current guidelines on social distancing – keep your distance from others
  • Bring hand sanitiser with you and use it regularly, including before and after each piece of equipment
  • Try to avoid busy times – if it is busy when you arrive, come back later
  • Only one family ‘bubble’ per piece of equipment
  • Wait at a safe distance for equipment to become free
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Please put your litter in the bin or take it home with you
  • You are strongly advised not to use this equipment if you are clinically or extremely clinically vulnerable
  • Wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you can

This is shared equipment, use it at your own risk
**Please be considerate of others**

These facilities may be closed at short notice

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